What are the benefits of having sprouts?

What are the benefits of having sprouts?

I started to grow sprouts just by chance, but once I read about the benefits associated with the use of sprouts. After hearing all the benefits I thought that I should try this nutritional guru and check out the benefits.

Well, I started to use Sprouts and used them for many years regularly. I really appreciate the wondering benefits I got by the use of sprouts. Well, discussing with you just means that I have experienced these benefits personally. So, I would love to recommend you this amazing element to use for a lot of health, and skin benefits and get plenty of nutritional values with ease. Organic sprouting seeds are a rich sources of nutrients.

What nutritional values do sprouts contain?

Many of the sprouts contain numerous dietary fibers. Organic sprouting seeds are being considered as the rich sources of vitamins A, K, E, and C. Calcium, Manganese, Zinc, and copper are also present in large amount in the sprouts and making them a healthy food item. Sprouts which are being opened within one week and consumed will have numerous enzymes which can regulate the immune system of our body. Potassium and folic acid can also be found in sprouts in large quantities. Sprouts have a rich amount of folate and are being considered as the best food for pregnant females. Consumption of sprouts can ensure that you can get plenty of right nutrients with ease and can be better for brain development in the children. A large amount of vitamin C can help better in hair growth.

Health Benefits of using Sprouts

Here are the amazing health benefits associated with the use of sprouts.

1. Sprouts can make hair stronger

2. Sprouts can help to prevent erectile dysfunction

3. The best remedy to improve eyesight

4. The best way to lose weight

5. Sprouts can prevent anemia

6. Sprouts can regulate the digestive system

7. Rich sources of omega 3

8. Sprouts can enhance your skin’s appearance

9. Sprouts can work best for asthma

10. These nutritional gurus are the best sources of live enzymes

Sprouts can make hair stronger

Sprouts have a large amount of vitamin C, which is proven for better hair growth. Consumption of a decent amount of vitamin C can ensure the healthy growth of your hair. It can destroy the free radicals in your body which can make your hairs thin, weak and brittle. Use of sprouts can prevent many hair disorders.

Sprouts can help to prevent erectile dysfunction

Consumption of sprouts can be beneficial to prevent erectile dysfunction. It can regulate the blood flow which can help you to lower the risk of heart attack. Consumption of sprouts can help you to keep cholesterol level under control with enhanced blood flow level.

The best remedy to improve eyesight

As Sprouts are a rich sources of vitamin A, which can be beneficial for the healthy growth of hairs, can increase sperm health, can improve eyesight and can help in reducing night blindness. Vitamin A is the best nutrient which can help in brain development too as well as body health.

The best way to lose weight

Sprouts are the best source which can help you to feel full for a long period and this can reduce the craving for food. By this, the sprouts can play an important role in your process of weight loss.

Sprouts can prevent anemia

Sprouts are being considered as a superfood for the prevention of anemia. As the lower level of red blood cells can make the concentration level lower too and can give an increased feeling of fatigue. Some kind of stomach disorders and other problems like nausea can also be prevented with the consumption of sprouts because of the higher amount of iron in sprouts.

Sprouts can regulate the digestive system

Sprouts are the best food items which can improve the digestive system. Consumption of sprouts can help to prevent the conditions of diarrhea and constipation. Presence of more fibers can ensure that the consumption of sprouts can decrease the risk of colon cancer and can be beneficial in cleaning the bowl system.

Rich sources of omega 3

Sprouts contain a large amount of omega 3 fatty acids, which can be beneficial for improving heart health and can work better for improving a good cholesterol level. Intake of sprouts can reduce the stress on heart muscles. And a huge amount of potassium in sprouts can ensure a normal blood pressure level of the body and the risks of stroke can be decreased. The level of blood oxygen can be improved due to the consumption of sprouts.

Sprouts can enhance your skin look

Use of sprouts can enhance the glow of the skin and can reduce the risk of skin cancer. Vitamin B is present in sprouts which can help in keeping the skin dehydrated. Use of sprouts can increase the cell regeneration process. Sprouts consumption can also prevent skin from acne and wrinkles and the aging signs can also be reduced. Use of sprouts can help in the internal cleaning of skin and can enhance the look of your skin.

Sprouts can work best for asthma

The use of sprouts can reduce allergic reactions and signs of asthma. This is due to the high oxygen levels achieved by the enzymatic interactions with the mitochondria at a cellular level. The end result is relieved or ‘ lighter ‘ breathing with a feeling of less pressure or weight on the chest.

These nutritional gurus are the best sources of enzymes

Sprouts contain numerous enzymes which are not available in common foods. These enzymes can be helpful for the enhanced level of metabolism and can help in increasing the energy levels too. The level of proteins being contained by the sprouts can be beneficial for regulating many functions of the body. Moreover, bone growth and skin regeneration can also be enhanced with the consumption of sprouting. Sprouting kits are available which can help you to get all of these benefits with ease.

Sprouts are the best healthy and nutritious food which can be taken in your regular diet. Sprouts are enriched with healthy nutrients and providing amazing health benefits.


Wheatgrass Chlorophyll Adventure


When I finally got going drinking fresh squeezed wheatgrass juice every morning, I finally found out how important chlorophyll could be in my life. I had ordered a kit off the internet and it sat under my bed for months before I finally worked up the initiative to get started doing it. I knew it was going to be a key element in my recovery, but I was still hesitant as I knew it was going to be a lot of work. And it was. But it was a daily habit that I had to just develop. But it was so worth it.

All the talk and telling by me cannot convey the experience of consuming this living nutrition directly into your body. When the grass is cut immediately before juicing you are getting the freshest and live enzymes directly into your system. It’s definitely a rush that most people are not prepared for. The detoxifying effects that immediately start to take place will make most people nauseous. After several days this reaction will lessen or disappear depending on the individual circumstance. For the beginner, it is always better to mix in some organic celery and juice that behind the wheatgrass. Even so, for some, it may be difficult to tolerate. I know some of you we’ll not be able to get over the hurdle drinking a concentrated green liquid. If that’s the case you need to move on to the next chapter of powders and tablets. Although I must tell you that none of them come close to the nutritive and rehabilitative power of freshly squeezed wheatgrass juice.

Getting started took a bit of a time commitment, but once I persisted, it didn’t take much time and like many things, it became second nature eventually.

Note: for juicing of wheatgrass, in particular, you will need a single auger slow masticating juicer. Nothing else will do. I have included a picture so you have an idea of what you’re looking for in terms of the juicer. Omega it Is a reasonably priced juicer which I have used for many years. You can find them on Amazon or eBay.

Omega Juicer

The Wheatgrass Benefits I Experienced

More Energy

Green Chlorophyll Electricity

Quite Simply fatigue Is caused by a poor diet. Once I started drinking we crest juice freshly squeezed my energy went through the roof. Where is the common opinion is that a person needs 3 to 10 hours of sleep I can get by in 5 to 6. Show my electrical charge for photosynthesis we crash course now well supercharge yourselves and give you the energy to power through each day.

The Lungs of the Earth

Ann Wigmore was the ” Goddess ” of Wheatgrass and used to say ‘ plants are the lungs of the earth ‘. With all the pollution that we are surrounded with in our modern world, what a shame it is that the food that is grown in the outside environments is tainted with all the chemicals from the companies who only seek to make money off their production. That is why it only makes sense to grow your own wheatgrass and other vegetables when possible.

Wheatgrass is Life’s Electricity

Freshly squeezed wheatgrass juice has live enzymes which are critical to its energy giving ability. For years, scientists gave enzymes only passing credit, but now they’ve come to realize that they are the key catalyst and electrical force of life energy itself. From the thinking process itself of your brain, to digestion, to detoxification . . all these processes require the activity of millions of enzymes.

Wheatgrass Builds Red Blood Cells

” Wheatgrass contains liquid oxygen”, said Ann Wigmore in her revolutionary book Wheatgrass, first published in 1909. That was pretty heady stuff for back then, when nutritional science was in it’s infancy. Oxygen is imperative to every bodily process. The brain uses 25% of available oxygen in a person’s body. It is no wonder then if one’s diet is not at optimal levels then they would not be surprised to be fatigued on a daily basis.

Many experiments have been done to show the widespread affliction of anemia, particularly in women. Men seem to suffer from anemia later in life, usually after age 50. It’s no wonder with our modern diet high in starches and carbohydrates ( meat and potatoes ), that modern-day folks are lacking in the key minerals and vitamins necessary to maintain health and vitality. The vitamins B12 and folic acid, the minerals, iron, copper, potassium, magnesium and essential proteins are not found in abundance and in a readily accessible form compared to the intake of fresh wheatgrass juice. The above vitamins originally absorbed through the intake of fresh wheatgrass juice compared to The Standard American diet ( SAD ) are essential for building Iron rich red blood cells and in turn, a body which is going through every day with health and vitality, and maximum energy.


Like many others before me, I have experienced the amazing Turn around Of my health Through the daily Intake Of the wheatgrass juice Years ago. In fact, my health improves so dramatically thought I was invincible. Chlorophyll and Wheatgrass had increased My energy levels To such a degree That I wandered off the path that Had gotten me back to a place I wasn’t familiar with at all. I quickly fell back into my old habits  ..   my meat and potatoes diet. It wasn’t before long that I was experiencing the symptoms that had got me started on the Chlorophyll And Wheatgrass regimen in the first place. Over the past few years, I have since rededicated myself and decided I needed to spread the word about this amazing Chlorophyll and Wheatgrass Diet. I guess it’s my way of owning this and taking personal responsibility and accountability for my health, and perhaps the health of others. And With that said, I will explore how to implement Chlorophyll and Wheatgrass into your diet in numerous ways. Optimal health can seem to be inconvenient at times, but I can assure you . . . the results are worth it !


Health Benefits of Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is the green pigment that plants use to conduct photosynthesis. Just about every plant on the planet uses chlorophyll to trigger this energizing formula for the plants overall health and existence.

The process of photosynthesis also requires carbon dioxide and water. Chlorophyll reflects the green frequency of light which is why almost all plants are green. As a molecule, chlorophyll is “built” around an atom of magnesium. In contrast, human hemoglobin has a very similar structure, but it’s built around an atom of iron, which is why your blood is red instead of green. As a supplement, chlorophyll is available as liquid extracts, powders, capsules and tablets. These supplements are usually derived from alfalfa, barley grass, kelp, spirulina or wheatgrass. As a consequence, the nutritional profile of your chlorophyll supplement is directly related to its primary source.


Chlorophyll has many benefits due to its high anti-oxidant qualities. These benefits result from its phytol structure that most closely resembles the hemoglobin constituent of human blood only differing in atomic structure with a magnesium core versus human blood with an iron core. As a result, due to its easy absorb ability, chlorophyll in its ‘a’ form is a candidate for the top lifesaver regardless of what type of physical malady one might be suffering from today. From marketed studies, the many benefits include detoxification and intestinal cleansing, Immune system enhancement, blood purification, weight loss, Cancer prevention, and a general energizing of the entire body.

Chlorophyll is a molecule in plants that coverts specific frequencies of sunlight, mostly blue and red hues, into usable energy in the form of glucose. The process of photosynthesis also requires carbon dioxide and water. Chlorophyll reflects the green frequency of light which is why almost all plants are green. As a molecule, chlorophyll is “built” around an atom of magnesium. In contrast, human hemoglobin has a very similar structure, but it’s built around an atom of iron, which is why your blood is red instead of green.

Improves Red Blood Cell Count

Chlorophyll works to restore and replenish red blood cells. At molecular and cellular levels and it has the ability to regenerate our body. Enzyme-rich it helps in cleansing blood and improves its ability to carry more oxygen. A blood builder, it is also effective against anemia, a red blood cell deficient condition.

Prevents Cancer

Studies have made it evident that it helps in retarding the intestinal absorption of harmful toxins also known as aflatoxin in the body. Chlorophyll and its derivative chlorophyllin inhibit the change to precancerous molecules which may damage the DNA and also lead to liver cancer and hepatitis. Many other studies conducted in this area have indicated the positive effects of chlorophyll attributing to its neutralizing ROS ( reactive oxygen species ).

Antioxidant Properties

Recent studies have found that chlorophyll has strong antioxidant capacity along with a strong profile of essential vitamins. They form an ‘Antioxidant Army’ helping neutralize harmful molecules and guarding against the development of various diseases and damages caused as a consequence of oxidative distress for which free radicals are responsible.

Body Detox

It has purifying qualities which help in detoxing the body. An abundance of oxygen and a healthy flow of blood in the body is caused by the introduction of chlorophyll. Harmful impurities, toxins and heavy metals such as mercury are thus eliminated and flushed out of the body. This helps in the detoxifying and renewal of the liver. It is also reported to have reduced the harmful effects of radiation and sweep toxins and pesticides from the body.

Anti-Aging Effects

Chlorophyll helps to combat the effects of aging due to its rich antioxidant and magnesium-rich content. As a result, it clarifies the skin by flooding it with its dense enzyme profile, eliminating dry and rough patches. Hormone levels are also stabilized by the high vitamin E levels stimulating testosterone production in men and estrogen in women.

Maintains Acid-alkali Ratio

Since the diet of many a modern man is heavily acidic, consumption of chlorophyll-rich foods helps in balancing the acid-alkaline level in the body. The high magnesium content present in it is highly alkaline. Appropriate alkalinity and oxygen levels in the body prevent the development of an environment for the growth of pathogens.

Boosts Immunity

It strengthens the cell walls and as a result the overall immune system of the body by alkalizing the blood. Along with this, it oxygenates the cells which encourages the body’s ability to fight diseases, boosts the energy levels, and accelerates the healing process. Oxygen-deprived bacteria, which cause the development of diseases, cannot survive in the alkaline environment created by it.


All dark green plants and vegetables are primary sources of chlorophyll. In addition to spinach, wheatgrass and algaes such as Spirulina and Chlorella, other widely available sources include alfalfa, kale, chard, broccoli, brussels sprouts, green beans and parsley. However, prolonged cooking tends to destroy chlorophyll, so eating these vegetables raw or steaming them are the preferred methods. Aside from chlorophyll, green vegetables are also excellent sources of fiber and many other nutrients.

As a supplement, chlorophyll is available as liquid extracts, powders, capsules and tablets. These supplements generally are derived from wheatgrass, barley grass, kelp, spirulina or alfalfa. As a result, the nutritional profile of your chlorophyll supplement is directly related to its primary source. More on our favorite top green products in REVIEWS.

Best Way to Get Your Chlorophyll

The best way to get Chlorophyll into your diet is through juicing. Wheatgrass provides the broadest spectrum of vitamins and minerals. In addition, if you grow it yourself, you can harvest it immediately before juicing and thereby benefit from the chlorophyll in its freshest and most enzymatic form. However, it is not for the faint of heart. Chlorophyll in this form is very powerful and detoxifying. It can make a person nauseous if taken on an empty stomach, as it should be taken for maximum effect. The addition of organic celery juiced simultaneously will alleviate much of the stomach discomfort as well as increase the absorption for maximum results.

Apart from wheatgrass, the juicing of the top contenders will a have an extremely positive effect on your health and well-being. Since juicing live ingredients is always preferable, don’t forget to include the sprouts of alfalfa, broccoli, clover, barley grass or even the wheatgrass sprouts. Just remember, if you are juicing produce from the market, be it regular or organic. . This produce has been cut off from its nutrient supply for who knows how long. So, any greens you can grow at home are far preferable.


In the end, even though you may not be able to grow your own, try to get the freshest greens you can to maximize your chlorophyll intake. If you can’t get fresh, choose from some of the top recommended products on the market. You will be glad at any rate that you added a fantastic dimension to your healthy lifestyle with Chlorophyll.



About Gary

I have just turned 70. I have suffered from asthma since the age of five and broke my back In a motorcycle accident in my late 20s. This site Is about my success dealing with these two physical hurdles through my diet which is heavily influenced by chlorophyll maximization.

Why I want to help people

I was five years old when my parents had to rush me to the hospital in the middle of the night. We were visiting relatives on a farm, so it was quite a panicked drive.  The first of many Asthma attacks. In the 1950s there were no inhalers or pills to take, instead, it was straight to the emergency room. Or the family doctors office In the middle the night for a shot of adrenaline. Needless to say, once you’ve gone into anaphylactic shock, you can understand other peoples fears of the unknown as regards any particular life-threatening condition.

I gradually came to understand that in general, the standard American diet ( SAD ) was complicit in many asthmatic’s symptoms.  In fact, this is true for many of the conditions and illnesses people of modern societies are experiencing today.

The Ultimate Goal

The Ultimate Goal here, to put it bluntly, is Super Health.  To go beyond what is commonly acceptable health.  No colds, no sniffles. No sneezing, wheezing.  Boundless energy and creativity.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Gary Patterson
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